Sarah Aspell

  • Formación de profesores de yoga de 200 horas de Yoga Works

  • Formación de profesores de yoga accesible de Accessible Yoga

  • Enseñanza de Yoga y Mindfulness en Prisiones y Prisiones del Proyecto Prison Yoga

  • Programa de práctica intensiva de 10 meses con el Centro de investigación de conciencia plena (MARC) de UCLA

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  • Programa de formación de profesores de yoga de 300 horas a través del Santa Barbara Yoga Center con certificados en:
    - Mindfulness para el practicante de yoga
    - Yoga y meditación
    - Yoga terapéutico
    - Historia y Filosofía del Yoga
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I am deeply passionate about helping people feel more awake, alive, and present in their bodies. I strive to make yoga and meditation accessible to absolutely anyone by holding space that is inclusive and adaptive to all levels, abilities, and ways of being. I see yoga as an important path to building a friendship with oneself and developing the fortitude necessary to challenge systemic oppression and truly make the world a better place for everyone.

Plug In

My daily meditation practice, playing frisbee with my dog at Arroyo Verde, and sunbathing are all ways that I ground myself when my mind and body feel scattered. In particularly busy moments, I make resting my top priority in order to restore my sense of autonomy and to disrupt the dominant societal narrative that tells us "there isn't enough time" or "I should be working at all times." I firmly believe that sometimes the "most productive" activity can be just sitting with what is, and being present as yourself.


To me, community means taking care of one another. It means understanding each other's struggles not as individual problems, but as communal struggle. It means building good-faith, friendliness, vulnerability, and compassion with those around you. Ultimately, community requires dismantling the illusion of separation between "me" and "you" that pits us against each other instead of working together to build a world where everyone has what they need to thrive.