Qori Moorehaul is a nonbinary trans member of the art and yoga community. Qori trained at Studio 34 in 2014 and has been teaching Hatha since. Qori focuses on alignment, testing everything as a breathing exercises, and uses yoga as a way to listen and connect with self. In 2019 Qori moved to Taiwan, where they taught for 2 years. Now in Ventura, California, Qori aims to connect and flow with those who like to explore the inner workings of who they are. Qori is also a painter occupying studio 77 at Bell Arts Factory, a musician currently performing with their rainy electro duo Princess Pillz, and an avid activist for housing, trans, and queer rights.

Shannon Barbaro

Programa de Posgrado de Pilates BASI (Body Arts Science International) ... 2018



I am passionate about community. As a queer person who identifies as nonbinary trans and is on the autism spectrum, the sense of belonging and being accepted is huge. I love bringing people together and creating safe spaces for people to be themselves. I'm also a visual artist and am extremely passionate about art. It is related to community and bringing people together.

Plug In


I allow myself space to process and go through all emotions I may feel. I enjoy being by water when I need to rebalance and reconnect. Putting myself out there on a canvas through goopy polymer paints also allows me to plug in to the deepest parts of myself. Another way I connect all my dots is taking a deep breath and reminding myself that I'm nonbinary and that this is trans. 


Oh gosh! It's the most important thing to me. As a queer person I try very hard to be around those who get it. The more I feel accepted the more I can be me, and help others. I love supporting others and knowing that that is what community is for.